Sunday, 18 October 2009

Hello, let me introduce myself!

Hi, my name is Carolyn and I live in Warwick, England. I share my happy existence with a wonderful partner Tony, and 3 gorgeous dogs, Alfie, Jack and Betty! Alfie is a 7 year old westie, Jack a 6 year old scottie and Betty is a 2 year old chihuahua. My precious daughter Amy lives close by.

My creative endeavours are kind of random and disorderly; I try to turn my hand to whatever takes my fancy which means that my projects are pretty chaotic but fun! There is one theme that runs throughout my work though and that is my commitment to incorporating what I call “the 4 R’s into my work ~ recycle, refurbish, reuse, restore ~ oh joy of joy, a great excuse to rummage through more rubbish! I am a real collector of just about anything and everything, I see beauty and value in things others want to throw away; their junk really is my treasure! Both my partner and my daughter tell me it is like living with a womble!

I have FSH (Facio Scapulo Humeral) Muscular Dystrophy which allows me to stay at home and create! It does impose a few limitations on my energy but I try to work around this - usually in leopard print Pj's!
I love vintage, kitsch, cabbage rose, Ms Kidston, in fact I love everything! I will be posting my creative endevours as and when I can. See you soon. x

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